Unfortunately we do not have any crias due in 2020.  One of our breeding females was retired after 2019, and the other is having a well-deserved rest.

We will be breeding two females this spring, MSF Sweetheart and CNS Mardi Gras’ Vodoo Doll, to SRLL Tyrell.  These crias will likely be available for purchase in the winter of 2021, please contact us to be placed on our waiting list.

2019 Crias

Autumn Hill’s Storms in our Hearts

SRLL Tyrell x MSF Sweetheart

FOR SALE! $1500

Autumn Hill’s Rosa Amarela

SRLL Tyrell x Little May Flowers

Keeper Female

2018 Crias

CNS Mysterious Attraction

SRLL Mudrin x MSF Sweetheart


Autumn Hill’s Indian Paintbrush

MSF Beckham x Little May Flowers

Keeper Male

Autumn Hill's Indian Paintbrush

2017 Crias

Autumn Hill’s Stormness Fire

Wunsupana’s Aslan x Autumn Hill’s Karakoram



CNS Ambles

GNLC Lancer x MSF Sweetheart



And because there are never enough cute baby llama pictures, enjoy some pictures of past crias!

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